How did you get into music?
 I started playing the keys when I was 9 years old. Two years later, I watched the movie „Jenseits der Stille“ which is about a girl with deaf parents who learns to play the clarinet. I got so inspired that I desperately wanted to play the clarinet and begged my parents for it. So that is when my „career“ at a local orchestra has started. I used to play there for many years: first row, clarinet. Suddenly our piano player left from one day to another, but he told our conducter about me playing the keys. From that day on I changed from first row clarinet to last row piano/keys :).
  What favorite bands did you have when you were young?

 My taste in music is unlimited and has always been. I loved and stil love Beatles, Queen and so called „Classic Rock“, but I also like Pop, Classical Music, Musical and Jazz. My unlimited taste in music may also be the reason why I gave different kinds of music always a chance. So I played in Jazz Combos, Saxophon quartets, pop bands or wedding combos and even in TV in schlager musical events.

  What instruments are you playing?

 I play the clarinet, saxophone and flute next to the piano (woodwind rules :) ! )
  What do you do when you are not making music?

 I am totally in love with my job which is close to my passion: Teaching music at primary school and university.
  What is your favorite food?

 Food is my second passion next to music. I like almost everything and really enjoy having good food with lovely people around. My top favorites are pizza, pancake and seafood (not together).
  Do you ​​have a favorite cocktail?

 Definetely Mojito!
  What is your favorite movie?

 All kind of movies that inspire and make you think about it. I like everything that is in touch with reality or deals with a special historic content.
  Do you have an idol?

 There are so many! Starting with my different instrumental musical teachers up to legends like Freddy Mercury.
  What is your favorite song of UNSOULICITED?
 I love them all! The more I played and listened to them I fell in love with every single one.
 If you were an animal. What would it be?

 A bird. Being up in the sky, flying around, enjoying freedom somewhere over the rainbow.
How Unsoulicited and me found each other: 
I met Florian at a small musical festival through a friend. When we got into a conversation we soon found out about our same passion music. Florian told me he was looking for a piano player for his project. He showed me some of his songs and there it happened: I totally fell in love with them! That's how it started and I am so happy and thankful that we met. It's a great honour and pleasure to be part of UNSOULICITED with this wonderful musicians!