THE Story of unsoulicited 

  UNSOULICITED was brought into being by Florian in 2021 to finally implement the musical ideas that had been in his head for many years. Thankfully Jenni and Matze helped him out to record the first demos.  

Since he had no experience of mixing melodic metal, he came across Adrian through Matze, who has been a mutual friend.  
After listening to the first demos, Adrian was motivated enough to give this project a try. 
At this time Florian met Herbie Langhans. Herbie saw the potential in the demos and thankfully volunteered to take part in a studio project.  
The first recording sessions were held in the middle of the pandemic. Reggie Worthy, who had toured with stars like Tina Turner, was won over for bass. 
 Together with Herbie, he raised the implementation of Florian's songs to a new level.  Since the music apparently had more potential than just stewing on his computer, Florian decided to form a real band from the initial project. So he asked Judith again, whom he wanted to win  for the demos two years ago.  At that time she had other musical obligations.  But with the second request she was very motivated to give this project a voice. On that day UNSOULICITED was born. 
Adrian later introduced Florian to his friend Maxi, who has been a member of the German epic death metal band Kambrium. Since you just have to love Maxi and his great talent would enrich the band a lot, Maxi was asked if he would like to be part of this journey. Fortunately, he said yes.
 At that time, fate ensured that Florian's paths crossed with Sarah's. Since the songs needed a more professional touch on the factual instruments, Sarah is a great pianist and luckily fell in love with the demos straight away, she became a permanent member of the band. 

 The pandemic and its performance restrictions were used to record a complete album in a few months, which will soon be released. From this point on, the story of UNSOULICITED will continue to be written.

Learn more about the members of the Band


Judith is UNSOULICITED`s vocalist. She loves to bring the songs to life with her voice and put some glitter onto the music with it. Besides she really likes writing and helps with the lyrics. She is very happy being part in such a great project.


Sarah is UNSOULICITED's keyboardist. She feels very honoured to give the songs a gentle and warm nuance with her piano playing. Sarah is totally in love with UNSOULICITED, its members and the music.


Adrian is the drummer of UNSOULICITED.   He also defines the sound of the band and is responsible for mixing and mastering. 


Maximilian plays leadguitar and loves to shred up and down his fredboard, bringing his guitar to cry with his Floyd Rose but also likes to take his time on one scale. Always in motion on stage and always with a smile on his face. 


Florian plays rhythm guitar and wrote and arranged most of the songs for the first album. He's still a little surprised that this project has gained so much momentum. Above all, he feels blessed that he has the chance to work with such great and talented musicians and that Judith, Sarah, Adrian and Maxi have decided to create UNSOULICITED with him.

Our dear guest Musicians

Our debut album "Reflections" would not have been possible without the dedication and great talent of our dear friends. All our thanks go to these great musicians. 

Herbie Langhans

Herbie Langhans is a singer, songwriter and producer from Hanover. He has made a name for himself internationally as a member of the bands FIREWIND, AVANTASIA, VOODOO CIRCLE, SINBREED, BEYOND THE BRIDGE and SEVENTH AVENUE as well as a studio musician.
He can be heard on various songs on our debut album and UNSOULICITED is very grateful that he enriches our songs with his multi-faceted voice. 

MatZe Flohr

Matze and Florian grew up in the same village and both discovered their love for metal early on. So it was only a matter of time when they would work on a project together. Matze is an incredibly good drummer and without his support on the first songs this project would never have taken such a speed. Therefore, and because he is just a great guy, he deserves a special and huge thank you!
Matze is currently active in his main band "Devil Unnamed". 

Reggie Worthy

Bassist Reggie Worthy was on tour with music legends Ike and Tina Turner, Eric Burdon and Udo Lindenberg. The Brunswick instrument maker Sandberg, who sells to prominent musicians all over the world, has even named an electric bass model after him, the "Reggie Worthy classic".
We feel honored and blessed that Reggie has decided to add his unique bass playing to our songs. You can hear his bass on every single song on our album "Reflections“.

RomY SWIDErski

 Romy is the lead singer of the band "Ending April" and has thankfully agreed to show her rough side on our debut album.
She screams and growls in the song "Bliss of authority" and we look forward to more songs in the future that we will rock together.