How did you get into music?


The journey of getting into music actually started with the piano. My older sister was learning playing the keyboard and as the younger brother that i was, I needed to learn it too. 

3 years in, I was pretty bored with the notes and the practice at home and stuff, so the game of kick tip soccer at the end of every lesson was the highlight for me. I think at this time I was around 13 to 14. My parents took note, that I was bored so we ended the lessons. A funny coincidence yield that an intern started at the school my mother teached in. He was a drummer. So my mother arranged a lesson for me...so it happend. 


What favorite bands did you have when you were young? 


Blind guardian, limp bizkit, rhapsody, fear factory, 5 Sterne deluxe, samy deluxe (in general the good old german hip hop era) 



What instruments are you playing?


I play the kickdrum, the snaredrum, 2-4 tom toms and the cymbals simultaniously (Drums haha) I also play the guitar, the bass guitar, a bit piano and is a laptop an Instrument?



What do you do when you are not making music?


I am drummer of 3 bands and also a producer with home a studio and work from time to time as a freelancer mixing engineering. Music is fundamental for me. 


My nine to five job is as an e-commerce salesman for an e-commerce company. 


I also love spending time with my beautyful wife and the family.

I am also into gaming and roasting coffee. 


What is your favorite food?


Mustard party with mashed potatoes


Do you ​​have a favorite cocktail?




What is your favorite movie?


Event Horizon


Do you have an idol?


Thomas Lang/Assaf Seewi


What is your favorite song of UNSOULICITED?


This raindrop


If you were an animal. What would it be?




How UNSOULICITED and me found each other:


Florian found me because I produced a CD for a band named the devil unnamed. The drummer Matze of this band is a friend of both of us.