How did you get into music?

I watched a live video of an AC/DC concert when I was 13 or 14. But even before that I loved listening to the radio and making my own mixtapes and dreamt of being a radio and rock star! I remember Radio FFN and singing along to Lenny Kravitz’s song „Fly away“.

What favorite bands did you have when you were young?

From Scatman to Korn and Blind Guardian. However,I love the trashy 80ies and 90ies - so much good vibes!
What instruments are you playing?

I play the guitar since 2002, I guess. And I try to do some metal screaming - there’s always something to improve! (Don’t tell anyone, please - I also learned to play the recorder but I’m so bad at it.)
What do you do when you are not making music?

I dream of making music of course! Besides that I love Roman History, RPG‘s and Tolkien.
What is your favorite food?

Well, probably savoury stuff. Ask me something and I probably will say yes!
I love Korean and Japanese cuisine.
PS: pasta is kinda boring. Sorry!
Do you ​​have a favorite cocktail?

Mochito ;)
What is your favorite movie?

Defenitely the mother of all movies: The Lord of the Rings!
Do you have an idol?

Alexi Laiho and Angus Young for an instance. But there are several artists I love to see and hear playing and singing!
What is your favorite song of UNSOULICITED?

Yes. This Raindrop because of the energy and melancholy it tansports.
If you were an animal. What would it be?

A blackbird!

How Unsoulicited and me found each other:

The drummer, Adrian, asked me if I would contribute a solo and then, well, I did a little more than that!